Support for the climate in Australia

This blog builds on the work of others who care about Australia's climate and the need for leadership and stewardship in the future of Australia.

The original climate petition was a huge sucess.  While we are not doing any further petitions, we will keep you up to date with important information across Australia.

What Is The Monster Climate Petition?

PETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all of the people who want to look after the planet for future generations. A petition by Australians to the House of Representatives demanding immediate and effective action to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Original, pen on paper signatures are being collected across Australia,  demonstrating to the world that many Australians want effective action on reducing carbon emissions.

Already, we have collected over 72,000 signatures making this one of the biggest ever House of Representatives petitions. We alerted G20 Leaders in mid-November 2014 and we delivered the first batch to our Parliament on the 3 December 2014.

In response to fantastic public support we have now extended the petition period until 30 August 2015. We want to draw the world’s attention to it prior to the critically important Paris Climate Summit in December 2015.

If you have any trouble downloading the Petition, please email or call (03) 9XXX XXXX.

Please join us in this second phase. Let’s make our voices heard. Download the petition now. Ready to act!


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The translation of the petition is available in 7 other language versions:

If you are using a Mac computer and are having trouble downloading the Petition, please right click on the ‘Download’ button and select ‘Save linked file as...’ Save the Petition to a location on your Mac, and open it from there.